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Home is where you park it

Part of my retirement plan is to buy a campervan and go where the wind blows…

Wild about Scotland


Camper vans have a habit of getting under your skin.  Old vans in particular have a certain character and have a knack of creating an emotional physical – even spiritual – connection to those to own, drive and live in them.

The latest online edition of Influx Magazine caught my eye recently and celebrates van life.  In a series of articles it reviews the attractions of van life: the freedom to explore, the driving style and the way of life.

vanlife-3 Photo credit: van-life.net (via Influx Magazine)

There’s a feature on a gorgeous 1968 Dodge A-108 custom camper that’s been oozing that Americana vibe in sleepy North Devon since the early 1990s.

You’ll also find a celebration of the iconic VW Transporter from its humble beginnings in 1950s Germany right up to its latest incarnation, the modern T6, in 2015.


I think you’ll enjoy it.  Go on, go for a spin.

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