Without reservation…

Without Reservation

I give myself to you wholly and without
reservation. I do it willingly and deliberately
with absolute conviction. I relinquish my
heart to you, without demand for compensation.
I give you my breath, my dreams and aspirations,
the hours of my days, the blood that rushes like
a river through my being. I ask not a thing in return.
I hand my will over to you, my every thought, my every
heartbeat, my every wish, my fears and hopes, my
memories and my blunders. I forsake myself, admitting
my flawed nature, confessing my sins, coming to grips
with my brokenness. I do this purposefully, because
I know that it is right. I kneel and lift my hands in
prayer, I surrender. I peer outward from within
asking for your forgiveness, for your mercy, for
your understanding, for your undying love. I
submit my life to you, the one who separated
day from night, the one who placed every star
in the night sky. the one who wraps himself in
light. I succumb to you, to your will for me, I
will trust no other, I give you this heart with
no conditions. I ask for nothing in return.

Kevin Harling.

Without reservation, it’s great to see you back Kevin. 🙂


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