In love…


The questions
never preclude the dawn
wings like hope
and eyelids that
are all a flutter
cannot ease my chin.

All that is desire
and the way lust
permeates my flesh,

with hands and smiles
all a glow, to touch
bliss and heavenly limbs,
that satisfy divinity
with napes and necks
that deny being defined.

O how can this be
embraces, traces and rust
cannot molt or decipher
such lofty ideals.

I adore and look for
you with eyes that
refuse to not see
the union and unity,

To behold and be held
of such delights
even the stars and moon
bequeath their breath.

To love I toast
the wine of its tender song.

Kevin Harling.

Magic, as always, thank you Kevin. 🙂


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