Taos, New Mexico – Day 8

My time at Taos was unforgettable especially when I came face to face with a Koshare (I was standing on a little hill to view the festivities and rituals cos I’m short!).  The Koshare are ‘feared’ by the Pueblo Indians, especially the children…and tourists!  (Koshare are like clowns playing tricks on people, but I think their role in the community is much more than that.)  The irony is that I had spent most of the day keeping a ‘safe’ distance between myself and the Koshare and for the life of me I don’t know where this one came from.  He kinda just popped up out of nowhere.  He stared for the longest of time,  I froze…with my mouth open, waiting – then he abruptly moved on to his next ‘victim’ to play tricks on. I consider myself very lucky to get off with just a stare, albeit a long one! 😉

On The Road With Jim And Mary

The motorhome is currently parked at the Fraternal Order Of Eagles Airee #3849. I expect to be here for a few more days.

I took the Bronco and drove about six miles to Taos Pueblo. From their website…

Taos Pueblo is the only living Native American community designated both a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and a National Historic Landmark. The multi-storied adobe buildings have been continuously inhabited for over 1000 years

You may view the entire website by clicking this link…

Some notes about my visit…

There is no electricity or running water here. The Indian women get water from the stream running through the pueblo in clay pots. Some doors are painted in according with an old Spanish curiosity custom. The color blue is to ward off the evil spirits. The color red is to welcome the good spirits. There is no photography allowed inside of the…

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