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Giant Teddy Bear Fills In As A Mum For Orphaned Foal

Yes, it’s a baby horse—sleeping with a teddy bear. And it’s real. But this isn’t simply an attempt to rack up page views, this little foal comes with a story. And as expected, it’s shamelessly adorable. This one-week old horse is an orphan, who was found severely dehydrated and in a state of shock, wandering through Devon County, England. With his mother nowhere to be found, the Mare and Foal Sanctuary took him in and have been providing the foal—whose new name is Breeze—with round-the-clock care ever since.

Breeze is still obviously new to the world and like other young creatures, he needs to be snuggled, especially at night. Without a mother to provide for him, Breeze’s caretakers found him the favorite choice of human toddlers everywhere—the teddy bear….

Laugh in the rain…


“Laugh your heart out dance in the rain, cherish the moment, each n’ everyday and ignore the pain. Live your life. Laugh forever. Love with every chance. Forgive those, in which you never Forget. Remember, life’s to short to be living with regrets.”