Traveling Circuses

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

IMG_3176Pack.  Unpack.  Repeat.

As I prepare for yet another move, living among boxes and bubble wrap, it occurred to me that I’ve become very adept at packing.  And unpacking.  Not only are there the BIG moves, the ones involving shipping containers and lost-at-sea insurance premiums, but there are the little moves in between and lots and lots and too much suitcase packing.  I’m sure the following train of thought will be familiar to anyone who has ever moved overseas:

“We’re moving?  Great!  (Motherf*ck**!).  Yup.  I’ll arrange for them to come and pack up the house.  Yes, I know.  I need to make sure I have 6-8 weeks of clothing, toys, toiletries and anything else I can’t get/is too expensive to buy/is illegal to purchase put aside while we are living out of suitcases in temporary housing.  No problem!  I can put X in the air freight, Y in the container…

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