Be Brave

Now that is brave.

The Written Word

braveBe Brave

So I called my Dad, and his girlfriend answered his cell…

The girlfriend that I’ve spent the last 18+ years or so avoiding, lol

She sounded good, I told her so

She said Dad was resting after being to the Doc


My Dad is 74

The two of us aren’t all that close

I mean…

Not really

I mean, these days I do call him every week or two

I came to the conclusion 15 years ago whilst sitting on a therapist’s couch

That I would focus on my friendship with my Dad

As opposed to the Father Son thing…

This came about because the therapist (Who I was seeing just for a few sessions, due to some other stuff that was going on that was affecting my work)

Said to me, “You Never Mention Your Father/Dad?”

It was true

I grew up with my Single Mom…

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