The Orphan

Heart-melting images, thank you for sharing.

Nick's Nature Pics

In late July I was told of a White-tailed deer fawn that was a regular visitor on the grounds of the Morrisville State College Equine Rehabilitation complex. It was often seen feeding around buildings and paddocks in daylight, always alone, and not particularly fearful of people. Since the equine facility is adjacent to a highway, it was logical to assume that the fawn was an orphan, its mother a Department of Transportation statistic.

Interested in its behavior and physical condition over time, I’ve made several trips to see the orphan. I found and photographed it on two occasions, first on August 11 and again today, September 8.

After a 200-day gestation period, peak fawn drop is around June 1, plus or minus two weeks. A fawn is weaned in two to four months (the literature isn’t precise on this) and starts losing its spotted coat in September. This fawn was…

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