19 Parenting Tips From Actual Parents*

Parenting is a life long work-in-progress and your baby will teach you how to look after him. The more you understand and observe your child, the better you will be at knowing what to do and when. When all else fails, call Grandma. She’s “been there, done that” and is not at all frazzled by the demands of the little one. Babies are blessings but Grandmas are Godsends. Good luck with it all. 🙂

Lachlan + Cathy


Trying to find your way as new parents can feel a bit like groping in the dark, which is, ironically, not dissimilar to how the journey towards parenthood begins for most people.

So, to shed some light on the issue I decided to ask some of my friends with kids for their advice on the matter.

Then I realised that would mean actually having to talk to them, so I just put it out there on Facebook and Twitter instead.

And this is what I was told (corrected for punctuation and grammar, of course).

“Trust your instincts about your own child. What works for others might not work for you, and that’s okay. You know your own kid.”

“Stay a child yourself, connect on their level. So do water fights, build forts, play with Lego, sing out loud, etc.”
— @robertpaul

“I’d say go with the flow and…

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