Australian War Heroes – Lest We Forget

Can you hear Australia’s heroes marching?
Can you hear them as they march into eternity?
There will never be a greater love
There just couldn’t be a greater sacrifice
There just couldn’t be

poppy2 (1)

My family have served in every overseas campaign Australia has been involved in since WW1 with the latest member, one of my younger brothers, completing 2 tours in Afghanistan. I’m proud of him but I don’t want him to volunteer anymore…he’s been through enough.

Road trip to Mount Gambier…

Shots taken from the northern side…




Shots taken from the western side of the lake…



…I took a few days off last week and headed back home to the southwest, this time we trekked across the border into South Australia to visit the beautiful Blue Lake at Mount Gambier. I took these shots to share beauty of the place but they don’t compare to the real thing. The blueness of the lake just leaves me in absolute awe.