Why I Am a Visual Storyteller: It has Nothing to do with F-Stops!


Solitude: My winning shot for The Guardian newspaper competition in 2011

For me photography is not about the technical workings of a camera, it is not about arguing over Nikon v. Canon and it is definitely not about being over the top about f-stops. Sure, knowing how the camera works is essential (not working on this is like having a blunt pencil as a sketch artist – you can still draw but the image will not live up to your imagination), but it is not why I am into photography. Four years ago I started to get really interested in photography as a means of expressing the visual stories that captured my imagination as I travelled the world. Working in the international development sector made me quickly realise that often stories of hope are sadly passed up for ones that lack dignity, honesty and images that empower. I started on…

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