I feel your pain…


but according to Forbes, Scotland’s Independence Campaign So Isn’t Over.

“…Scottish independence may not have been defeated on Thursday. It may only have been delayed for a generation.


1. Forty-five percent of the Scottish people still voted to leave the union.

That is an astonishingly high figure. This union is more than 300 years’ old.

Politics is all about managing expectations. Many were fooled by one rogue poll two weeks ago into thinking that this week’s referendum was going to be too close to call. So the actual result, a victory for the unionists by a ten percentage-point margin, seemed big by comparison.

In reality, even six months ago absolutely nobody expected Scottish nationalists to get 45% of the vote, or anything like it. Not long ago people thought they’d be lucky to get 25%. Thursday’s result was a remarkable achievement. If five voters in a hundred had voted the other way, the independence campaign would have won…

…Younger Scottish voters supported independence. The pro-union forces had to rely on the older voters.

According to one poll, Scottish separatists won a clear victory among the under-55s. Only heavy pro-unionist support by senior citizens – the over-65s – tipped the balance.

Time, in other words, is on the nationalists’ side…”

Well Scotland you voted and 55% of you will deserve what you get. To the remaining 45%, good luck! The future will be yours.

Rant over. 🙂


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