11 pipers piping…


Eleven Pipers Piping

remind us of the eleven original apostles who did not forsake the faith (Acts 1:13) as Judas did in betraying Christ (John 17:12); and through whom the good news of the gospel was preached “to the whole world” (Matt. 28:19; Rom. 10:18-21).


In Australia most versions, including this one I’ve been using have these words (she says with tongue-in-cheek) – “On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 11 pairs of thongs…”


Aussie thongs are basic footwear consisting of a sole and a thong passing between the first and second toes of the feet and affixed in a Y formation on three points to the sole… If you’re imagining a bronzed Aussie beach girl in what Americans call a thong, you may be looking in the wrong direction. You have to look down at her feet to see if she’s wearing thongs.

Ah, the disillusion caused by language.

Now, back to the Scottish pipers…

Wi’ a hundred pipers – Steve McDonald. 🙂
Road to the Isles – Wi a Hundred Pipers
Bugle Horn – Atholl Highlanders Annual Parade – Blair Athol

Pipers and drummers leading the way with The Bonnie Blue Flag from The Horse Soldiers

American Civil War Music – Fife and Drums


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