The Lure of Montmartre

Tom Plevnik photography

Replacing the Latin Quarter as the locus of the city’s intellectual and artistic community, Montmartre boasted a thriving bohemian culture that was driven by its critique of decadent society. Its raucous café-concerts and cabarets featured satires and crude, often subversive, performances that mocked the Third Republic’s bourgeois morality and increasingly corrupt politics. Cabarets and café-concerts were favorite spots for avant-garde artists such as Degas, who sought to capture their celebrated performers, hazy atmospheres, and artificial stage lighting in his paintings, pastels, and prints. – Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

dsc_2035-01 Place du Tertre

dsc_2076-01 Place du Tertre

dsc_2108-01 Place Dalida

dsc_2151-01 Lamarck / Caulaincourt

dsc_2271-01 Rue Berthe

dsc_2474-01 Rue des Saules

dsc_2545-01 Place Dalida

tom_7306-01 Rue du Cardinal Dubois

tom_7470-01 Rue de l’Abreuvoir

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