Burleigh Falls…

“I think about you. But I don't say it anymore.” ― Marguerite Duras, Hiroshima Mon Amour Photography by Rick Harris Image found here. Some rights reserved


True love…

“...is the tide that pulls out to sea, but always returns to kiss the shore at sunrise.” ― Shannon L. Alder Beautiful image found here.  

On the seas…

... and far away, On stormy seas and far away; Nightly dreams and thoughts by day, Are aye with him that's far away. Photography by Frank van de Velde

Hawaiian love song…

...by the King in Blue Hawaii. Ku-you-i-po I love you more today More today than yesterday But I love you less today Less than I will tomorrow Read more: Elvis Presley - Ku-u-i-po Lyrics | MetroLyrics

True Romance…

"...The Heartache of Wartime Farewells, 1943 Farewell to departing troops at New York's Penn Station, April 1943 The photos here, made by LIFE’s Alfred Eisenstaedt in April 1943 at the height of the Second World War, capture true romance — its agonies, its resilience — in ways that pictures filled with sweetness and light never... Continue Reading →


All noise is waste. So cultivate quietness in your speech, in your thoughts, in your emotions.Speak habitually low. Wait for attention and then you low words will be charged with dynamite. Elbert Hubbard Beautiful image can be found here.

Two people…

Sometimes it's not that two people aren't right for each other, its more like the timing wasn't right. Jasmine Villegas Image found here.

Take me home…

I love Harry's Law and this is one of my favourite episodes when Harry Korn (Kathy Bates) sings the Tom Waits penned song, Take Me Home... Take me home you silly boy Put your arms around me Take me home you silly boy All the world's not 'round without you I'm so sorry that I... Continue Reading →

Tristan and Isolde…

“With good reason, love's messengers, Eros and Kama, are armed with bows and long-distance arrows. No being, god or mortal, can choose love. Love comes despite ourselves; and then, if we have not already done so, we have the task of becoming our selves so we may welcome love.” ― Diane Wolkstein, First Love Stories:... Continue Reading →

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