Who wasn’t at Culloden?

Always interested to hear stories about Culloden.

Culloden Battlefield

We get many people coming through the exhibition here at Culloden Battlefield & Visitor Centre asking where their clan was in the battle and sometimes the answer isn’t always what they expect.

Whilst many men from the Jacobite army were indeed at Culloden there were a couple of parties who didn’t make it to the field of battle on 16th April 1746.

arch Culloden Battlefield

Firstly, the Earl of Cromarties regiment. This regiment originally joined the Jacobite forces in Perth and consisted of men raised by George MacKenzie, 3rd Earl of Cromartie. There were many Mackenzies in the regiment as well as other clan names with MacLeod, Ross, Campbell and MacLean, just to name a few. Around 80 men had been raised from Cromarties own estates and many of the other men were recruited from the northern highland around Dingwall and Tain.

In early 1746 the regiment was ordered north to try and meet…

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A Limb Hanging Out

A beautiful image from the stunning pages of “Atoms of Thought”

Atoms of Thought


I think this one fits the theme of the weekly photo challenge: weathered.  This tree is enormous–towering and sprawling over the Grand River.  It has appeared in other photos I’ve posted on here (and at least one more still to come soon).  That it has survived as long as it has, through however many dozens of winters, is extraordinary to me, especially considering the appearance of many of the trees around it–bent, fallen, and windblown.  None as majestic as this one.

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Moonlit Cuillins

A beautiful capture of a highland moon from Skye Blog.

Skye Blog

I was working over in Fiscavaig today and wanted to get a few photos of the snow covered Cuillins on the way home.  So, I took the road towards Glenbrittle and stopped at Fairy Pools. The walk up to the pools was tough today, the path being muddy and icy.  This photo was taken just before I got back to the car.  I turned to look behind me and the moon had appeared above the Cuillins.

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